Visiting Scholars

CBE has many ongoing collaborations with students, faculty, and professionals from around the world. Our current visiting scholars include:

Veronika Foldvary   Veronika Földváry is a visiting PhD student in Civil Engineering. She received her MS in Civil Engineering and Building Services from the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STU) in 2012. Her dissertation research is being conducted in collaboration with the International Centre for Indoor Environment (DTU) and the Department of Building Services (STU), supervised by Professor Dušan Petráš and Associate Professor Gabriel Bekö. Her dissertation, “Impact of energy retrofitting on indoor air quality in residential buildings”, seeks to evaluate the impact of basic energy retrofits of multifamily dwellings on IEQ and energy savings. In relation to energy saving measures, the main objectives are to evaluate and demonstrate: (1) the alterations in air exchange rates and pollutant concentrations using objective measurements; (2) the alterations in perceived air quality; (3) symptoms and occupant behaviour using subjective methods; and (4) the energy savings and their relation to the results of the physical and subjective measurements. Her research interests include energy retrofitting and performance of buildings, ventilation, thermal comfort, IAQ, and occupants´ behaviour and satisfaction. While at CBE, she will be working on the ASHRAE database II project under the supervision of Hui Zhang.
Haida Tang   Haida Tang is a visiting PhD student from Tsinghua University of China. In 2013, he received his BS in Building Science from Tsinghua University of China, and previously focused on condensation characteristics and thermal performance of radiant cooling systems in hot and humid areas. His research interest now is on energy modeling of radiant slab system, intelligent control strategy and regulating characteristics of the radiant slab system.