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Summer 2015


Thermostat Wars: Office Comfort and Controversy (p. 3)

Research Updates

Occupant-Controlled Buildings (p. 5)
Interactive Setpoint Calculator (p. 7)
DOE Catalyst Business Award (p. 8)


Meet CBE's Newest Partners (p. 9)


New Survey Team Members (p.11)

Livable Buildings

This Year's Winner UC Davis Student Community Center (p.12)


Symposium on Sustainable Urban Housing (p.14)
More Radiant System Seminars (p. 15)

Winter 2015


Doing Well and Doing Good: Pro Bono Design and Community Support (p. 3)

Research Updates

CBE Wins New Research Awards (p. 9)
Water, Waste and Transportation Benefits of Green Buildings (p. 12)


Meet CBE's Newest Partners (p. 13)


Symposium on Existing and Emerging Green Metrics (p.16)
Radiant System Seminars (p. 17)

Summer 2014


The Internet of Things in Commercial Buildings (p. 3)

Research Updates

SenseME Fan Technology (p. 7)
Cognition and Environment (p. 8)


Meet CBE's Newest Partners (p. 9)

Livable Buildings 2014

Recognizing Two ZNE Buildings (p. 12)

People and Events

New Appointee Yongchao Zhai (p.14)
Recent Grad David Heinzerling (p. 15)
Glass in Architecture Symposium (p. 16)
Related Events (p. 17)

Winter 2014

Research Updates

Radiant Systems Research (p. 3)
Personal Comfort Innovations (p. 6)
Micro Weather Stations (p. 8)


Meet CBE's Newest Partner YGH (p. 10)
Studio One Symposium Collaboration with HOK (p. 11)

People and Events

New Staff Expand CBE Capabilities (p.12)
Symposium on Clean Tech Innovations
in the Commercial Building Sector(p. 13)

Summer 2013

New Research

Occupant-Responsive Buildings (p. 3)

Project Updates and Awards

Innovation Ecosystems (p.6)
UFAD Design Guide (p.8)
Adura Technologies Acquisition (p. 9)
Livable Buildings Awards (p. 10)

Partners and Events

Partner News (p. 12)
Radiant Systems Seminar (p. 16)

Winter 2013

Project Updates

Comfort in the News and in the Lab (p. 3)
Advanced Integrated Systems (p. 5)
New Thermal Comfort Tool Features (p. 7)
Green Building Co-benefits Study (p. 8)


New Appointments and Awards (p. 9)
Catching Up with David Fannon (p. 10)

Partners and Events

Meet the New CBE Industry Partners (p. 11)
High Performance Office Symposium (p. 13)

Summer 2012


The Holy Grail of Measuring Workplace Productivity (p. 3)

Project Updates

Personal Comfort System Field Study (p.8)
Radiant Systems for ZNE Buildings (p.9)
New Fan and Comfort Studies (p.10)
Acoustics Research in the Media (p.11)
Sustainable City Planning (p.12)
Building Measurement Workshop (p.13)

Partners, People and Events

Meet our New CBE Partner (p.14)
Bon Voyage, Tom Webster (p.15)
October ZNE Workshop (p.16)
Greenbuild 2012 (p.16)

Winter 2012

Project Updates

New Natural Ventilation Study (p.3)
Acoustics and Operable Windows (p.4)
UFAD Design Guidance, and New Survey Tools (p.5)
Seeking Users for Chair Concept (p.6)

Related Industry Events

Summer Overcooling Seminar (p.7)
Panel on Energy and Behavior (p.8)

Partner News

Meet the Newest CBE Partners (p.10)
Partner News and Announcements (p.12)

Livable Buildings Awards

Announcing the winners and honorable mentions (p.16)

Summer 2011

Feature article: Cleantech in the Building Sector (p. 3)

Software Updates for Survey (p.8)
New UFAD Design Resources (p.9)
Case Studies Document Building Performance and Operations (p.10)
Collaborations with LBNL Support Low-Energy Design (p.11)
News About CBE Staff (p.12 )
REHAU Joins Consortium (p.13)
Using the Living Building Challenge (p.14)
LPA’s Offices Walk the Talk (p.16)
The San Francisco Mint (p.18)

Winter 2011

Feature article: Workplace Acoustics in High-Performance Buildings (p. 3)

Workplace Acoustics in High-Performance Buildings (p.3)
2010 Livable Buildings Awards (p.6)
Radiant Cooling Research Looks at Hybrid Solutions (p. 8)
Funding for Feedback Studies (p. 9)
Milestones and New Directions for Occupant Comfort Research (p. 10)
Collaborative VAV Field Study Makes Progress (p. 12)
Occupant Survey Team Focuses on Outreach (p. 13)
Introducing new CBE partners (p. 14)
April Event on Information Visualization and Behavior (p. 15)

Summer 2010

Feature article: Behavior and Buildings: Leveraging Occupants to Improve Energy and Comfort (p. 3)

New Building Measurement Protocol (p. 7)
Field Studies Give Feedback About Advanced Systems (p. 8)
Public Release of UFAD Tool (p. 10)
Healthcare and Behavioral Study Expand Survey Research (p. 10)
New Staff and Awards (p. 11)
Three AE Firms Join CBE's Consortium (p. 12)
Deep Energy Reductions Event at Pacific Energy Center (p. 13)

Winter 2010

Feature article: Moving Air: Improving Design and Standards for Natural Ventilation (p. 3)

Livable Buildings Awards 2009 (p. 8)
Comprehensive Field Study of Kresge Headquarters (p. 10)
New Occupant Survey Module for Advanced Facades (p. 12)
Facades Symposium: Comfort and Energy Performance (p. 13)
Giving a Green Light to Mixed-Mode Buildings(p. 14)
Collaboration with Taylor and Price: Low-Flow VAV Strategies (p. 15)

Summer 2009

Feature article: Designing Integrated Building Systems: More Systems are Better than One (p. 3)

New Center for Resource Efficient Communities (p.6)
Occupant Surveys for Hospitals and Abroad (p. 7)
UFAD Simulation Workshop (p. 8)
Exhibition and Website on High-Performance Facades (p. 8)
Survey Kiosk for Stores and Public Spaces(p. 9)
Clothing Intefaces for Comfort Model (p. 10)

Winter 2009

Feature article: Visualizing Building Information (p. 3)

Workshop and New Modules for Occupant Survey (p. 10)
New Leadership for UFAD Design Guide (p. 10)
New Guidelines: Air Movement for Thermal Comfort (p. 12)
David Brower Center Exemplifies Integrated Systems (p. 13)
CBE Graduate Student Researcher Joins Ranks of Switzer Foundation Fellows (p. 14)

Summer 2008

Feature article: Getting to Zero Energy: How CBE Industry Partners are Meeting Net-Zero Energy Goals (p. 3)

New Guidelines for Radiant Floors and Ceilings (p. 12)
UFAD Field Study and Commissioning in Denver(p.13)
New Occupant IEQ Surveys (p. 14)
Venture Funding for Adura Technologies (p. 15)
ENR Report on Green Building Revenues (p. 16)
An Interview with Kirstin Weeks: Energy and Building Ecology Specialist (p. 17)

Winter 2008

Feature article: Using Feedback from Building Occupants: Listening to Users to Improve Operations and Design (p. 3)

Field Studies and Commissioning of UFAD Buildings (p. 7)
Low-Power Task Ambient Systems Hold Promise for Energy Savings (p. 8)
New Industry Partners Practice Sustainability Nationwide (p. 9)
Pacific Energy Center Named Top Building Industry Educator (p. 10)
New Study of High Performance Facades and Zero-Energy Buildings (p. 10)
CBE Welcomes New Partner Leadership (p. 11)
Collaboration with Taylor and Price Will Study Low-Flow VAV Strategies (p. 15)

Summer 2007

Feature article: Delivering Buildings that Work: Commissioning at the New York Times (p. 3)

Research News: USGBC Pledges $1 Million to Stimulate Growth in Green Building Research (p.7)
People: Our Work Informs the Building Industry (p.8)
Project Updates: Insight on Our Latest Research (p.10)
Partner News: New CBE Partners are Leaders in Sustainable Design (p. 13)

Winter 2007

Feature article: Opportunities with Radiant Cooling: CBE's Research Keeps Pace with New Building Technologies (p. 3)

People: Our Work Inproves the Built Environment (p. 8)
Project Updates: Insight on Our Latest Research (p. 10)
News from Our Indutry Partners (p. 13)