CBE Advisory Board meeting from 1999

CBE Celebrates 20 Years of Collaborative Research

Twenty years ago this spring, Berkeley faculty and research staff hosted CBE’s inaugural advisory board meeting with representatives of ten founding partner firms. This new consortium, formed under the auspices of the National Science Foundation Industry/University Research Program, created the initial roadmap for research that has continued for two decades, yielding a broad and valuable body of knowledge, innovation, publications, and industry impacts. (The image above is from a 1999 meeting.) Read more

Interview: Director Edward Arens Reflects on Two Decades of Collaboration

CBE Director Ed Arens, came to UC Berkeley in 1980 and soon founded the Building Science Group. In this interview he reflects on major milestones in the formation of CBE’s organization and contributions.

Q: How did you first become interested in the research and work you are doing here?

Ed Arens: This really goes back, before anyone in the U.S. really talked about energy or building science. It was when I was in architecture school in 1963, and I read a book called Design with Climate by Victor Olgyay. It was before houses had air conditioning, and it attempted to systematize passive cooling design. Olgyay’s line of thought about climate’s fundamental impact on design was soon to be on its way out. I was taken by the aesthetic potential of the ideas presented in the book, and it made me dissatisfied with my architectural education. Read more