Symposium on Putting Health and Wellbeing Research Findings into Practice, April 18

This symposium will feature experts deeply engaged in conducting and/or applying health and wellbeing research, who will share insights on how to design, operate and measure healthy and productive spaces.

Livable Buildings Award Winners Demonstrate Excellence in Indoor Spaces and Sustainability

Four buildings that showcase sustainable design that provide high quality spaces for work and study have been recognized annual Livable Buildings Award.

Reports Reveal New Insights into Energy Performance and Design Practices for Radiant Systems in Commercial Buildings

These reports reveal how such systems work in practice, analyzing comprehensive data from a large group of buildings in operation.

Funding to Demonstrate Energy-efficient Comfort with Smart Ceiling Fans and Thermostats

A new award of $1.9 million in funding will support integration and evaluation of new internet-enabled products can improve customers’ comfort while reducing energy costs.

Livable Analytics: Occupant Satisfaction Surveys for Building Evaluation

CBE’s occupant survey shows how well a building is performing from the perspective of its occupants. Use of the survey also qualifies for thermal comfort verification LEED credits.

Interactive Radiant System Buildings Map Now Available

CBE has developed an interactive online map of radiant system buildings across the globe. This is a valuable resouce for design teams and commercial building stakeholders.

In case you missed it: From our archives.

2016 Webinar Series on Evaluating the New Workplace: Theory, Tools and Case Studies

Our series featured workplace evaluation experts who presented practices to understand and create better workspaces for employees, managers and owners.

CBE Wins DOE Catalyst Energy
Innovation Award

The award will provide funding to advance the work of Livable Analytics, which provides occupant survey tools to assess and understand occupant satisfaction and interaction in commercial buildings.

CBE Wins Major Research Awards with Industry Partner Support

New funding will support research on radiant systems, energy efficient thermal comfort, and on new technologies for monitoring and control of commercial buildings.