Information for Users of CBE's Personal Comfort Systems

Thank you for your interest in our Personal Comfort System (PCS). System users and site managers, please use the links below for additional information about the CBE PCS.

Personal Comfort Setup and Software

PCS User Card: A handy one-page guide to your PCS. This document includes set up, use and troubleshooting tips:
PCS User Card (pdf) (Rev. 09/2011)

PC-Client Software: Our PCS devices work with your personal computer, you will need to download and install the software for your operating system:
PCS Software for Windows (.exe) (v10.5)
Email us if you are interested in PCS Software for Mac OS

Information for Study Site Liaisons

Information Technology Guidelines: An overview of the IT aspects of the CBE Personal Comfort System, for site managers and IT staff. This document includes hardware and software requirements, data and bandwidth demands and samples of CBE code:
Information Technology Guidelines (pdf) (Rev. 09/2011)

Letter of Cooperation: We must obtain a signed Letter of Cooperation from each study site that agrees to host our research. The document enumerates the conditions under which we can conduct our work at your site, and includes any restrictions or provisions for that location. This draft document contains the minimum necessary elements for this letter, and should be completed, formatted onto letterhead and signed.
Draft Letter of Cooperation (MS Word .docx) (Rev. 09/2011)

Human Subjects Information

The use of the CBE Personal Comfort System is part of our ongoing research, and is conducted according to a Research Protocol approved by UC Berkeley’s Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects. This protocol is designed to protect the rights and welfare of participants in this research.

Consent Form: We must obtain the informed consent of each subject who participates in our research. The Consent to Participate in Research provides a succinct explanation of the procedures, benefits and risks of participation in the study:
Consent Form (pdf) (Rev. 09/2011)

Contact Information Form: We use this confidential document to collect your contact information so we can administer the study, troubleshoot any problems and collect the system at the end of the study:
Contact Information Form (pdf) (Rev. 09/2011)

Personal Characteristics Questionnaire: It is very helpful to the survey outcome to categorize our finding based on demographic attributes, so we ask you to complete this brief, confidential questionnaire at the beginning of your participation:
Personal Characteristics Questionnaire (pdf) (Rev. 09/2011)

UC Berkeley Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects: If you have questions about your rights as a research participant, please contact UC Berkeley’s Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects at (510) 642-7461 or email: