Faculty, National University of Singapore and CBE Associate


Center for the Built Environment
390 Wurster Hall #1839, Berkeley CA 94720-1839

Dr. Ali Ghahramani is a faculty member at the National University of Singapore and a research collaborator Center for the Built Environment at UC Berkeley. Dr. Ghahramani’s research interests are in the areas of sensing, adaptive learning, and optimization systems that are specifically tailored for human-centered smart, resilient, and sustainable civil infrastructures. Additional research interests include advanced sensing methods and optimal system control.

His research at UC Berkeley has covered a broad range of projects which focus on human-centered building systems efficiency. Dr. Ghahramani has been working on an ARPA-E funded project where the goal is development of wirelessly powered personal comfort devices. He has been extensively involved with monitoring and learning of humans’ interactions with personal comfort devices and their preferences. Dr. Ghahramani has also been working on a California Energy Commission funded project for developing low-cost and low-power ultrasonic anemometers. His role in this project is to develop signal processing, machine learning, and filtering required to process the signals to extract air flow and other air characteristics. In addition, Dr. Ghahramani has been providing statistical analysis and machine learning assistance to relevant projects at CBE such as health monitoring via high frequency sound signals, human CO2 exposure modeling, and human interaction modeling via low frequency sound signals and CO2 measurements.

While earning his PhD in Civil Engineering at the University of Southern California, he was a member of the Innovation in Integrated Informatics research group (i-Lab). He conducted interdisciplinary research on non-intrusive sensing methods for learning building occupants’ preferences and optimal control and optimization methods for improving building energy efficiency and occupants comfort. He also received a M.Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering (specialty: Construction Engineering), a M.Sc. in Computer Science (specialty: Data Science), and a M.Sc. in Industrial and System Engineering (specialty: Systems Architecting and Engineering), all from USC. His research thus far has led to the publication of 19 journal and conference papers and two patents.