Research Specialist



Center for the Built Environment
390 Wurster Hall #1839, Berkeley CA 94720-1839

Lindsay T. Graham, PhD, is a Research Specialist at the Center for the Built Environment. She is a psychometrician and personality and social psychologist who specializes in the assessment of individuals in their daily environments and person-environment fit. Lindsay is working on ways to enhance assessment of human-building interactions, specifically through CBE’s Occupant Indoor Environmental Quality Survey, a web-based tool that quantifies how buildings are performing from the perspective of the occupants.

Lindsay received her Ph.D. in personality and social psychology from The University of Texas at Austin in 2014. While in graduate school, she was awarded a traineeship under the National Science Foundation’s IGERT program focused on the science of indoor environments. As a result of this interdisciplinary training, Lindsay’s work spans the fields of psychology, engineering, architecture, interior design, and human-computer mediated interactions. Lindsay has a strong passion for interdisciplinary work and is excited to continue this focus at CBE.

Broadly speaking, Lindsay’s program of research explores the interaction between individuals and their environments; specifically, how people select, manipulate, and utilize their spaces to best fit their lives and daily needs. Additionally, her research explores the ways in which human behaviors and personality influence the indoor air quality of an environment, and the subsequent physical and mental health consequences that result from these building-occupant interactions. In addition to having firm academic roots, Lindsay has also collaborated within industry. In 2011 she worked to develop a web-based tool for a technology start-up working to match occupants with their ideal homes. Also, in 2015 she worked as a researcher with HKS, Inc. and CADRE to develop a virtual tool aimed at examining workplace well-being.