Visiting Scholar, PhD Candidate from Shenzhen University, China


Center for the Built Environment
390 Wurster Hall #1839, Berkeley CA 94720-1839

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Chang Liu is a visiting PhD student at the Center for Built Environment (CBE). Her research is focused on providing efficient comfort strategies for residential buildings, including improved envelope systems and reduced energy consumption while balancing sustainability and economics.

She comes to CBE from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at Shenzhen University, China. Her PhD thesis is focused on simulation and decision-making study of performance-based retrofitting of existing residences based on refined quality improvement. This work includes: (1) research on the deterioration mechanism of existing residences based on the principle of building typology and cluster analysis; (2) establishment of diagnostic assessment of the performance of existing residences and multi-level renovation strategies; (3) construction and simulation research on the index system of performance-based renovation; and (4) construction of an ‘informatization’ platform for holographic expression based on digital technology. This research is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.