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Ceiling Fans in Commercial Buildings: Energy Benefits and Innovative Methods for Integration with Conventional and Radiant HVAC Systems

December 12, 2023

Researchers and faculty at UC Berkeley’s Center for the Built Environment are pursuing wide-ranging research in collaboration with leaders from industry and academia to study technologies and design approaches for decarbonizing buildings while improving indoor environments. This course will feature insights and research findings that hold valuable lessons for commercial building stakeholders, with a focus on benefits and strategies for integrating ceiling fans with HVAC systems, while also sharing newly completed design resources.

Decarbonization and Resiliency in Affordable Multi-Family Housing: Emerging Practices, Research and Case Studies

September 28, 2023

This Greenbuild 2023 session featured leaders from industry and academia who are deeply engaged in the design, construction and/or study of low-carbon affordable housing. They presented emerging design strategies, insights from recent research and case studies, with completed projects and work ‘on-the-boards’ that represent the leading edge in this rapidly evolving area, including projects targeting LEED-Platinum certification and/or net-zero energy performance.

LCA session banner

Using Life-Cycle Assessment and Associated Tools to Reduce Embodied and Operational Carbon Impacts

September 14, 2023

Numerous tools and resources have been created for decarbonizing buildings, including life-cycle assessment (LCA). However, these have varying built-in assumptions, and combined with a lack of reliable information are leading to calls for more guidance. This session featured building decarbonization experts from practice and academia who provide an overview of LCA methods and other tools, and explain best practices, various use cases and examples.

CBE Research Featured in ASHRAE Tampa Conference, June 25th

June 25, 2023

Dr. Carlos Duarte led a seminar, Overview of High Thermal Mass Radiant Systems as part of a seminar on’ Thermally Active Buildings: A Resilient Future.’ He also hosted a poster presentation on the Field Demonstration of the Brick Ontology to Scale up the Deployment of ASHRAE Guideline 36 Control Sequences. Dr. Aki Nomoto presented on a Field Study of Thermal Infrared Sensing for Office Temperature Control, research completed in collaboration with CBE partner Daikin and LBNL.

Modular/Industrial construction symposium May 16, 2023

Symposium on Modular and Industrial Construction Methods for Low-Carbon Buildings

May 16, 2023

Modular and industrial construction methods offer many advantages compared to traditional construction, and are being rapidly adopted and driving innovation, including ways to rapidly reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. This symposium includes expert industry practitioners who are involved in developing and implementing industrialized buildings, and researchers who are leading advanced studies to better understand the potential of these innovations for decarbonizing the built environment.

Using Data Science to Decarbonize the Built Environment

November 16, 2022

Using massive data sets, combined with and automatic analysis and interpretation of data, we can understand problems, set achievable goals, and monitor progress towards these goals. This session featured industry leaders, from companies large and small, who are applying data science in new and innovative ways to mitigate climate change effects that result from our built environment.

Thermal comfort applications

Applying Thermal Comfort Concepts for Low-Energy Building Solutions

August 18, 2022

Research shows that approximately 40 percent of commercial building users are dissatisfied with their thermal environments, achieving just half of the industry goal of 80 percent, and thereby representing one of the most bothersome aspects of indoor environments. This class covered key concepts of thermal comfort, how it can be improved, and how this knowledge can be used to create low-energy and comfortable buildings, including in buildings with radiant systems and ceiling fans that can provide equivalent or superior comfort.

Sustainable and Successful: Case Studies from the Livable Buildings Awards

May 25, 2022

The Livable Buildings Awards recognize projects that demonstrate excellence in architecture, sustainability and occupant satisfaction. This award is unique as projects must qualify by meeting high standards as measured by the CBE Occupant Survey. This event featured design professionals who will discussed their design processes and client collaborations that led to the creation of livable and sustainable buildings, all demonstrating low- or net-positive performance.


Design Tools, Methods and Case Studies on the Design of High-Performance Facades

December 1, 2021

The design of a commercial building facade may be one of the most complex challenges facing design professionals, as multiple and sometimes conflicting goals are brought into play: architectural expression, transparency, energy, comfort, cost and the combined effects of moisture, thermal and structural loads. This course featured three presentations on tools, methods, research findings and case studies to inform the design of advanced and high-performance facades.

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