Faculty and Staff

  • ed-arens

    Edward Arens

    CBE Director and Professor Emeritus of Architecture

    Edward Arens has been PI for numerous state, federal, and industry grants addressing building energy performance, indoor environmental quality, field monitoring and architectural aerodynamics.

  • Fred-Bauman

    Fred Bauman

    Project Scientist

    Fred S. Bauman leads research on advanced low-energy HVAC systems: hydronic-radiant systems, UFAD, displacement ventilation and personal comfort systems.

  • giovanni-betti

    Giovanni Betti

    Assistant Professor of Architecture

    Giovanni’s work investigates how environmental performance can be a powerful driver and form generator in the architectural design process.

  • Gail-Brager

    Gail Brager

    CBE Associate Director and Professor of Architecture

    Gail S. Brager leads research efforts related to dynamic comfort, worker performance in office environments, and mixed-mode buildings, which combine natural and mechanical ventilation.

  • Carlos Duarte

    Carlos Duarte

    Assistant Professional Researcher

    Carlos’ research interests include radiant heating and cooling, occupant behavior impact on building energy consumption, and the development of tools that help various building stakeholders.

  • Lindsay-Graham

    Lindsay T. Graham

    Research Specialist

    Lindsay T. Graham is a psychometrician and a personality and social psychologist who specializes in the assessment of individuals in their daily environments and person-environment fit.

  • Yindong-He

    Yingdong He

    Postdoctoral Scholar

    Yingdong He conducts research on indoor environmental quality, personal comfort systems, radiant cooling/heating, and energy-use behaviors in building environments.

  • staff-charlie

    Charlie Huizenga

    Research Specialist

    Charlie Huizenga develops hardware and software that help us design and operate buildings that use less energy and provide improved environmental quality.

  • wonheeko-05.2020

    Won Hee Ko

    Postdoctoral Researcher

    Won Hee is focusing on visual and thermal comfort and its relationship to occupants’ productivity, with an emphasis on the performance of the building envelope.

  • David-Lehrer

    David Lehrer

    Communications and Research Collaborations

    David Lehrer is the primary liaison between CBE’s Industry Partners and the team, he leads outreach and partner recruitment efforts, and supports the research portfolio development.

  • Thomas-Parkinson

    Thomas Parkinson

    Assistant Professional Researcher

    Thomas Parkinson’s interests include indoor environmental quality, use of sensor technologies in built environments, psychophysics, human thermal physiology and comfort

  • Therese-Peffer

    Therese Peffer

    Program Director, CIEE

    Therese Peffer is a project manager and researcher at the Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute and California Institute for Energy and Environment.

  • Paul-Raftery

    Paul Raftery

    Professional Researcher

    Paul Raftery is currently a co-PI on two major projects: one focused on radiant hydronic systems and one focused on integrated smart ceiling fans and thermostats.

  • Stefano-Schiavon

    Stefano Schiavon

    Associate Professor of Architecture and Civil & Environmental Engineering and CEDR Associate Director

    Stefano Schiavon is focusing on finding ways to reduce energy consumption in buildings while also increasing occupant health, well-being, and productivity.

  • jessica-uhl

    Jessica Uhl

    Conference and Communications Manager

    Jessica Uhl manages CBE’s communications, leads in the creation of our Centerline blog, and manages CBE’s conferences with Industry Partners.

  • Hui-Zhang

    Hui Zhang

    Professional Researcher

    Hui Zhang focuses on human thermal comfort in complex environments and comfort modeling, and led the creation of the CBE Advanced Comfort Model.

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