About Us

Our mission is to improve the environmental quality and energy efficiency of buildings by providing timely, unbiased information on building technologies, design and operation strategies.

We believe that research about energy and the indoor environment must go hand-in-hand to create transformational change in the building industry. We study promising new energy innovations and technologies, along with how people use and interact with buildings. We provide tools and guidance for building owners and professionals, and support the development of improved standards to speed the adoption of effective technologies.



Students in the Building Science Program conduct important funded research at Berkeley, and many are involved with professional organizations where research is presented, debated, and presented in ways to influence the industry at large.


Visiting Scholars

Students and faculty from around the world are important members of CBE’s research team and are making important contributions to our work. Learn more about our Visiting Scholars Program.


Graduate Programs

Building Science at the University of California, Berkeley, is dedicated to the energy efficiency and environmental quality of buildings. Its underlying premise is that energy-use patterns and environmental quality are related, and that this relationship contains great opportunities to improve the built environment.


Partner Leadership

CBE’s Partner Chair and Vice-chair provide leadership to help guide the center’s research towards relevant and emerging topics, and to represent the broad and diverse interests of CBE’s many consortium members.

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