Graduate Programs

The Building Science Group at UC Berkeley aims to influence practice and improve the performance of buildings by educating future members of the building professions.

Building Science at the University of California, Berkeley, is dedicated to the energy efficiency and environmental quality of buildings. Its underlying premise is that energy-use patterns and environmental quality are related, and that this relationship contains great opportunities to improve the built environment.

The intellectual objective of graduate research in building science is uncovering the processes by which a building affects its occupants, evaluating the human/economic/energy consequences of the effects, and incorporating this knowledge in new procedures to design more acceptable buildings. A secondary objective is to prepare the student for a career involving building science, by having them participate in important funded research ongoing at Berkeley, and by engaging them in the activities of the professional societies where research is presented, debated, and put into forms that influence design practice. Coursework is largely decided on an individual basis through consultation between the student and his or her advisor. In general, each student will be required to develop competence in a range of building science topics that border the main topic of interest. M.S. and Ph.D. students often participate in research projects conducted by the faculty for external sponsors. Thesis research can be structured in many ways, but must be based on an appropriate combination of theory, modeling, and/or testing in the laboratory or field.

The Building Science Group

The Building Science Group is part of the Department of Architecture, and is composed of five faculty (Edward Arens, Gail Brager, Luisa Caldas, Stefano Schiavon, and Susan Ubbelohde), five full-time researchers in the Architecture Department, 10-20 graduate students at a given time (Ph.D., M.S., and M.Arch.), and a number of visiting scholars.

Applying to the Building Science Program at UC Berkeley

Applications to the M.Arch, M.S. and Ph.D. programs are all due in December for admission to the Fall semester of the following year.  For details about program requirement and application forms, please see the College of Environmental Design admissions page.

Recent Graduates

Our students have a unique opportunity to interact with 50+ firms that are a part of the CBE Industry Consortium, with bi-annual conferences and CBE’s unique link to the commercial building sector. This is part of the reason all of our students are able to find jobs upon graduation, including these most recent alumni:

Year Name, degree 1st affiliation after graduation
2020 Carlos Duarte, PhD CBE
2020 Jonathan Woolley, PhD Emanant Systems
2020 Benjamin Taube, MS Guidehouse
2019 Megan Dawe, MS Carbon Lighthouse
2019 Dana Miller, MS CBE
2018 Joyce Kim, PhD Assistant Professor at University of Waterloo
2017 Caroline Karmann, PhD Arup, EPFL
2017 Gabriela Vasconcellos, MS Atelier Ten, Integral Group
2017 Sebastian Cohn, MS Association for Energy Affordability
2016 Soazig Kaam, MS BuildingIQ, Inc.; WeWork
2016 Sara Tepfer, MS Arup; GSD/Harvard
2016 Jared Landsman, MS Integral Group
2015 Kit Elsworth, MS KieranTimberlake
2015 Priya Gandhi, MS WSP
2015 Kristine Walker, MS Pacific Gas & Electric
2014 Bin Chen, MS WSP Global
2014 Jingjuan (Dove) Feng, PhD Taylor Engineering
2014 Gwen Fuertes, M.Arch/MS Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects
2014 Anoop Honnekeri, MS P2S Engineering
2014 Margaret Pigman, MS Resource Refocus LLC
2013 Mallory Taub, MS Arup; Gensler
2013 Rongxin Yin, MS Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
2012 Katie Ackerly, M.Arch/MS David Baker Architects
2012 Chadrayee Basu, MS Carnegie Mellon University
2012 David Fannon, MS Syska Hennessy Group; Associate Professor at Northeastern University
2012 David Heinzerling, MS Taylor Engineering
2012 Brennan Less, MS Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

For More Information

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