• arfa-aijazi

    Arfa Aijazi

    PhD student in Building Science

    Arfa’s doctoral research interests include building performance simulations, data visualization, machine learning, and climate change adaptability.

  • megan-dawe

    Megan Dawe

    MS student in Building Science

    Megan’s research focuses on occupant comfort and health in buildings, including identifying and understanding impacts of radiant systems on energy performance, occupant comfort, and building operation.

  • Marta-Delgado

    Marta Delgado

    MS student in Building Science

    Marta is interested in the influence that built environments have on human mind, behavior, and personal identity.

  • Carlos-Duarte

    Carlos Duarte

    PhD student in Building Science

    Carlos’ research interests include radiant heating and cooling, occupant behavior impact on building energy consumption, ‘big data’ energy analysis, and energy modeling.

  • mohammad-keshavarzir

    Mohammad Keshavarzi

    PhD student in Building Science and Computational Design

    Mohammad’s research focuses on improving design processes through the development of user-centered tools.

  • antony-kim

    Antony Kim

    PhD student in Building Science and Social Factors

    Antony’s current research interest on lighting and circadian health comes from his prior experience working with the Karolinska Institute in designing a lighting lounge to address seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

  • wonhee-kov5.13

    Won Hee Ko

    PhD student in Building Science

    Won Hee is focusing on visual and thermal comfort and its relationship to occupants’ productivity, with an emphasis on the performance of the building envelope.

  • dana-miller

    Dana Miller

    MS student in Building Science

    Dana is focused on controls and data analysis for energy-efficient HVAC systems. She is a key contributor to CBE’s study of integration of smart fans and communicating thermostats.

  • luis-santos

    Luis Santos

    PhD student in Building Science

    Luis is working on the synthesis between parametric and generative design with energy-performance driven design.

  • priya-sathyanarayanan

    Haripriya Sathyanarayanan

    PhD student in Architecture and Building Science

    Priya’s research is centered around sustainable healthcare design with particular focus on passive design strategies, energy efficiency, resilient design, and patient comfort.

  • Elnaz-Tafrihi

    Elnaz Tafrihi

    PhD student in Building Science

    Elnaz’s research focuses on using immersive environments to inform design of high-performance buildings.

  • ben-taube

    Ben Taube

    MS student in Building Science

    Ben’s research focuses on using occupant sensing to improve energy performance and thermal comfort in residential buildings.

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    Jonathan Woolley

    PhD student in Building Science

    Jonathan studies hybrid mechanical systems that integrate various strategies to facilitate comfortable and healthy indoor environments with minimal energy consumption.

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