These MS and PhD students are in the Building Science, Technology and Sustainability (BSTS) program in UC Berkeley’s Department of Architecture. Many are involved in CBE research working with our faculty, some work with other faculty, and some at the Berkeley Lab.

  • arfa-aijazi

    Arfa Aijazi

    PhD student in Building Science

    Arfa’s doctoral research interests include building performance simulations, data visualization, machine learning, and climate change adaptability.

  • Isabelle-Hens

    Isabelle Hens

    MS student in Building Science, Technology and Sustainability

    Isabelle is interested in using parametric design to improve multidisciplinary collaboration in early-stage building design to reduce the operational and embodied energy.

  • mohammad-keshavarzir

    Mohammad Keshavarzi

    PhD student in Building Science and Computational Design

    Mohammad’s research focuses on improving design processes through the development of user-centered tools.

  • wonheeko-05.2020

    Won Hee Ko

    PhD student in Building Science

    Won Hee is focusing on visual and thermal comfort and its relationship to occupants’ productivity, with an emphasis on the performance of the building envelope.

  • emily-lamon

    Emily Lamon

    MS student in Building Science

    Emily’s research interests include cost-effective energy retrofits for existing commercial buildings and the decarbonization of our built environment.

  • Haripriya-Sathyanarayanan

    Haripriya Sathyanarayanan

    PhD student in Architecture and Building Science

    Priya’s research is centered around evidence-based design, human-centric design, patient experience, immersive technology and collaborative design in pediatric built environment settings.

  • Ruiji-Sun

    Ruiji Sun

    PhD student in Building Science, Technology and Sustainability

    Ruiji is working on how to improve personalized thermal comfort and indoor environmental quality through energy-efficient HVAC systems and model predictive control.

  • Elnaz-Tafrihi

    Elnaz Tafrihi

    PhD student in Building Science

    Elnaz’s research focuses on using immersive environments to inform design of high-performance buildings.

  • Yuming-Xu2020

    Yuming Xu

    MS student in Building Science

    Yuming’s research focuses on evaluating advanced integrated HVAC systems and using building energy simulation and smart building technologies to improve energy performance of buildings.

  • jing-yuan

    Jing Yuan

    PhD Student in Building Science

    Jing’s research focuses on the potential effect of the biophilic design on human health and well-being.

  • Xinwei-Zhuang

    Xinwei Zhuang

    PhD student in Building Science

    Xinwei’s research interests lie in data-driven and machine learning-aided design and optimization, taking environments and energy consumption into consideration.

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