PhD student in Building Science, Technology, and Sustainability

Sun Woo Chang

Center for the Built Environment
390 Wurster Hall #1839, Berkeley CA 94720-1839

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Sun Woo Chang joined the Building Science, Technology, and Sustainability program at UC Berkeley as a PhD student in fall of 2022. At Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea, he earned a master’s degree in Architecture and a bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture Design.

His current research is on the topic of window view quality. More specifically, he is interested in measuring occupant response for window view content, access, and clarity. Sun Woo tries to address empirical evidence on satisfaction response and following curves and thresholds, thus, finding optimum of the variables. He previously worked as a researcher at GARAM Architects & Associates, Seoul, South Korea from 2019 to 2022. His research was mainly focused on acquiring and analyzing occupant emotion, behaviors, and experiences in the built environment. Sun Woo worked on several research projects related to but not limited to design and aesthetic preference, occupant feedback, and housing decision-making.