CBE Public Events


Symposium on Optimizing Radiant Systems

October 23, 2019

Radiant cooling and heating systems provide an opportunity to achieve significant energy and peak demand savings. However, as the use of these systems grows, particularly in zero-net-energy (ZNE) and other low-energy buildings, informed design and operation becomes a critical aspect of meeting expected performance. This full-day symposium will feature building practitioners and researchers who will present successful case studies, design practices, and the results of a multi-year research effort that created new insights and design tools.


Other Events

Society of Building Science Educators Retreat

July 23, 2019

Gail Brager, along with Mark DeKay from the University of Tennessee, will present a workshop entitled “Felt Form: Using Evidence to Design for Experience” at the Society of Building Science Educators retreat in Lima, MT. Visit the retreat website


July 25, 2019

Lindsay Graham is participating in a roundtable discussion on health and well-being in the real estate sector during GreenerBuilder in San Francisco, CA. Learn more and register

14th International Congress of Physiological Anthropology

September 25, 2019

Stefano Schiavon will present at the 14th International Congress of Physiological Anthropology in Singapore; this year’s theme is human physiology and urban living. His presentation will focus on electric fans as an alternative or addition to air conditioning to mitigate and adapt for climate change. Visit the conference site

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