Benefits of Membership

Opportunity to influence the direction of research

The CBE consortium is a rare opportunity for industry partners to help plan and guide research in directions that maximize benefits to their companies. By identifying needs for information that are not being addressed elsewhere, industry partners can help define CBE research projects useful to both their short-term and long-term needs, while avoiding the costly investment for in-house research infrastructure.

Access to trained personnel, tools, and research facilities

Industry partners also have access to CBE staff for questions about immediate problems they may need answered throughout the year, and high priority in arranging contracts for proprietary research. Partners also have access to tools developed by CBE, such as the Occupant IEQ Survey, the CBE Comfort Model, the UFAD Cost Model and the UFAD Airflow Design Tool. Partners also have access to the CBE Partner Website that includes partner-only resources including all of CBE’s Internal Reports and PowePoint presentations.

Participation in CBE membership events

CBE’s membership conferences each April and October provide a framework for collaboration between industry partners and our staff. Partners may have up to seven participants for CBE plenary sessions, and two representatives for business meetings. In addition, CBE typically sponsors pre-meeting workshops on CBE research, training on the use of CBE-provided tools, or other related topics.

Timely access to research results

Membership in CBE provides members with a window on current advances in science and technology that are relevant to their industry. This acceleration of information exchange reduces the time for new technology to be put into practice, and broadens the knowledge that partners can use to serve their customers and clients.


By pooling membership fees, a company’s research investments will be increased 15-20 fold by leveraging other companies’ investments and federal and university resources.

Association with diverse industries

CBE membership includes manufacturers, architectural and engineering firms, contractors, facility managers, governmental organizations, and building owners. The open exchange of information improves the partners’ ability to solve problems, and to more effectively apply research in their decision making. The consortium also generates opportunities for industry partners to develop business connections within the group.

Staff training and recruiting opportunities

In a recent survey, our partners spoke highly of the technical knowledge they gained through CBE. Several partner firms send a large number of staff to attend these CBE’s events to advance their organizational knowledge base. Our partners have also recruited many CBE graduates, many of which now hold positions of significant responsibility in partner firms.

Corporate responsibility and community relations

Center membership represents a commitment to improving the quality of buildings from the perspective of the occupant, operator and owner. Partners receive recognition for this commitment in CBE’s publications, publicity materials, presentations, and websites.

Credibility of university collaboration

The UC Berkeley and NSF connections give CBE research a high level of credibility in the industry, increasing its impact and acceptance in practice. Industry partners benefit from being associated with this research, and may use this association to influence clients and regulators important to their business.

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