Visiting Scholars

  • maira-andre

    Maíra André

    PhD Student in Civil Engineering from Federal University of Santa Catarina

    Maíra’s research focuses on occupants’ thermal comfort and energy efficiency, including personal conditioning systems and set point temperature limits.

  • federico-dallo

    Federico Dallo

    Visiting Scholar from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

    Federico is a chemist focused on developing wireless sensor networks for the quantitative assessment of atmospheric pollution on a local and regional scale.

  • Eerika Janhunen

    Eerika Janhunen

    PhD student at Aalto University School of Engineering, Finland

    Eerika researches smart building evaluation frameworks and is interested in the possibilities of smartness to improve buildings’ energy efficiency, economic excellence, and occupant well-being.

  • yunzhu-ji

    Yunzhu Ji

    PhD Student in Architectural Design, Southeast University, China

    Yunzhu Ji brings her background in computer science and architecture to focus on architectural generative design and related tool development work.

  • vito-lamberti

    Vito Lamberti

    PhD Student from Polytechnic of Bari, Italy

    Vito is focused on the study of innovative advantages that high-performance facades have on both occupant comfort and energy performance.

  • Ying-Li

    Ying Li

    Senior Research Engineer at Sanken Setsubi Kogyo Co. Ltd.

    Ying’s research interests include zero net energy buildings, radiant heating and cooling systems, indoor environmental quality and thermal comfort.

  • yuya-nakazawa

    Yuya Nakazawa

    Research Manager from Azbil Corporation

    Yuya is focused on research related to metadata schema for smart buildings and is interested in AI/ML technology for HVAC control systems.

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