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Hiding in Plain Sight: In Pursuit of High-Performance Facades

No aspect of a building is more visible, or holds more didactic potential, than its facade. However, what you see is not always what you get. In spite of the facade’s explicit visibility, a facade’s appearance may not reveal much about a building’s performance in terms of energy, resilience or how it impacts the health and welfare of occupants. This most visible part of a building, when it comes to performance, is an enigma. To counter this, CBE researchers are working on multiple efforts to create new facade tools and metrics, and to document examples of excellence in terms of facade performance.


Carlos Duarte

Tool Builder Carlos Duarte Joins CBE as Post-Doc Researcher

Already a core part of CBE’s research team, Carlos Duarte completed his PhD dissertation earlier this year and has joined CBE as a post-doctoral researcher. We caught up with him via Zoom while the campus is still closed due to the ongoing concerns of Covid-19.


CBE thermal comfort control illustration

New Comfort Classifications Acknowledge Human Variability and Encourage Occupant Control

Imagine an ice cream parlor that offers only one flavor of ice cream, one chosen by scientists based on what an ‘average’ person wants. While this idea seems absurd, a similar logic has been used in establishing standards for thermal comfort in buildings. A group of CBE staff, industry partners and others have developed a revision to thermal comfort standards that acknowledges the variability in human comfort preferences.


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Women in Sustainability Podcast: Interview with Gail Brager

CBE’s Associate Director Gail Brager was interviewed for the Women in Sustainability podcast, hosted by Kira Gould and UC Berkeley alum Lindsay Baker. She talks about meaningful mentorship, the power of collaboration, and gives a sneak peek at the book she is currently working on.

Livable Buildings Awards

Rocky Mountain Institute, Basalt, Colorado

Now in its twelfth year, the Livable Buildings Awards recognize projects that demonstrate high occupant satisfaction, excellent design, and innovative operation strategies.


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