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Invisible Mountain Venice Biennale

‘Invisible Mountain’ by CBE faculty Giovanni Betti at the Venice Architecture Biennale

Each summer in the Italian Alps, workers spread acres of plastic tarps across a beloved glacier in a desperate attempt to prevent it from melting due to the warming environment. While climate change may be an abstract concept to many, for this mountain community the warming climate is an everyday reality, prompting them to action. This reaction became the inspiration and content for an installation co-created by CBE’s newest faculty member, Assistant Professor of Architecture Giovanni Betti. The installation has been selected for the 2021 Venice Architecture Biennale and will be on display from May to November.


CBE survey 20 year review infographic

Lessons Learned from 20 Years of the CBE Occupant Survey

Occupant surveys provide valuable insights into how well a building is performing. Historically these surveys focus on comfort and satisfaction. However, as our attention shifts to occupant health and wellbeing, we wonder whether our tools are measuring all we need them to. In a recent paper, we look at the CBE Occupant Survey tool and its database to evaluate its measurement and benchmarking properties, while also identifying new enhancements intended to support the creation of spaces that truly benefit those who use them.


CBE laboratory spaces

Funding for California Clean Energy Entrepreneurs: Deadline Extended to March 25, 2021

CBE is one of 30 research testbeds supporting the California Test Bed Initiative, a lab-based commercialization development program for innovators and entrepreneurs working to bring early to mid-stage clean energy concepts to market. CalTestBed will award vouchers worth up to $300,000 to test and validate candidate technologies at one of nearly 30 testbeds across the UC system and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.


Legwarmer personal comfort prototypes

Comfort Hacks for Outdoor Winter Dining

The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged the restaurant industry, forcing many beloved institutions to close, while many have pivoting to take-out service and outdoor dining only. While we rally to support our favorite eateries, colder climates present some serious challenges to patio dining. In this Centerline post we borrow ideas from CBE’s experience with prototyping and testing innovative and energy-efficient ways to help people comfortably dine al fresco as we get through a dark and cold pandemic winter.


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Livable Buildings Awards

Rocky Mountain Institute, Basalt, Colorado

Now in its twelfth year, the Livable Buildings Awards recognize projects that demonstrate high occupant satisfaction, excellent design, and innovative operation strategies.


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