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Designing for Experiential Delight

Building standards and conventional practice are all about ’reducing the negative‘ — but what if the goal is to ’enhance the positive‘ instead? Aiming to create environments that are not only comfortable and healthy, but are connected to nature, provide a sense of place, and are a delight to be in. Designing for experience requires us to embrace a broader view of experiential aesthetics, going beyond the primacy of vision to recognize broader sensual qualities that contribute to the beauty and memorability of space.


Andy Reilman and Isabelle Lavedrine

CBE’s New Partner Leaders Reflect on Increasing CBE’s Impact

The diversity of CBE’s industry consortium is unique and beneficial to our work, as these perspectives inform the center’s directions and research portfolio. This fall CBE welcomes new leadership who will help to guide the research team and represent the interests of CBE industry consortium members. In this post we talk with the new Partner Chair Andy Reilman and our new Partner Vice-Chair Isabelle Lavedrine.


Linkedin Middlefield office interior

CBE and SERA Collaborate on new Biophilia Survey Module

Biophilia — humans’ innate love of nature — is an idea that has inspired wide-ranging research on the benefits of human connection with nature. So how do we translate this wealth of research knowledge into making buildings that capture the benefits of nature? CBE and SERA Architects are jointly developing a biophilia option for CBE’s occupant survey to evaluate the impact of biophilic features in existing workspaces.


intu seating technologies

Lear Innovation Ventures: Driving the Future of Mobile Environments

Innovation is all about answering the question: “What if?” For example, what if we could transfer the latest research for monitoring and controlling building environments to vehicle environments? Questions like this are driving the future of mobility for Lear Innovation Ventures, a new CBE partner focused on accelerating the pace of innovation and collaboration around autonomous, connected, electrified and shared mobility trends.


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Designing for Airborne Infection Control

Researcher Jovan Pantelic reviews ASHRAE’s HVAC Design Manual for Hospital and Clinics from the perspective of infectious source strength and air change rate, one of the key paramenters in healthcare design.

Livable Buildings Awards

Rocky Mountain Institute, Basalt, Colorado

Now in its twelfth year, the Livable Buildings Awards recognize projects that demonstrate high occupant satisfaction, excellent design, and innovative operation strategies.


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