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Akihisa Nomoto and Matt Roberts

New Research Team Members Expand CBE’s Scope and Impact

In this Centerline we introduce two rising stars from CBE’s research team, Akihisa (Aki) Nomoto and Matt Roberts, the most recent postdoctoral scholars to join our center. Aki’s work reinforces CBE’s leadership on thermal comfort in complex environments based on human physiology. Matt brings to CBE extensive expertise in life-cycle assessment (LCA) methods, and will initially focus on the embodied carbon impacts of MEP systems.


Berkeley campus view for CBE 2022 year in review

2022 Year in Review: Returning to (the New) Normal

As we reflect on the events of 2022, we are encouraged by the return to normal that is underway, as the most challenging aspects of Covid-19 recede. Here at CBE we brought meetings and events back to the office, we held Industry Advisory Board meetings with in-person and virtual options, we welcomed new industry partners, new staff, and launched new research directions.


Arm France Receives 2022 Livable Buildings Award, a First Outside of North America

A technology campus in France has received the Livable Buildings Award for 2022 from UC Berkeley’s Center for the Built Environment. This year’s winner, Arm France, is the first award winner outside of North America. The design was developed based on LEED and WELL building standards in order to provide a healthful, flexible and sustainable workplace. This annual award program recognizes excellence in sustainable design and user satisfaction as measured by CBE’s Occupant Survey.


Smart Thermostat Innovation Will Help People Breathe Easier During Wildfires

Wildfires in the western United States have been increasing in frequency and magnitude in recent decades, resulting in poor air quality that constitutes a major environmental risk factor for human health and mortality. Researchers at CBE have created a novel software tool for smart thermostats to improve the air quality inside homes at times when outside air becomes unhealthy during wildfires.


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Texas Summers, Women’s Winters

Office buildings in the South can be notoriously cold in the summer months – or at least that’s what a majority of women would say who jokingly refer to offices in the summer as “women’s winter.”  In this podcast by the Houston Chronicle, we hear from Stefano Schiavon, professor at UC Berkley’s Center for the Built Environment, about his research into gender disparities in thermal comfort in the office and what can be done to make more employees feel comfortable.

The Science Behind Those Comfy, Cozy Holiday Feelings

We know, instinctually, that the way our homes look can affect how we feel — but it’s less clear how to produce the specific feelings we want. In this article, Lindsay T. Graham, PhD, shares her expertise in the psychology of space and some of the research she has done in residential spaces.

Psychology and the Post-Pandemic Workplace

In this free e-book from the American Psychological Association (APA), CBE researcher Lindsay T. Graham, PhD, discusses workplace wellbeing and the need to reimagine the workplace (including the psychological needs of occupants) as we re-enter office buildings in some capacity as pandemic restrictions are lifted.

Livable Buildings Awards


Now in its fourteenth year, the Livable Buildings Awards recognize projects that demonstrate high occupant satisfaction, excellent design, and innovative operation strategies.


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