Paul Raftery, PhD

Research Specialist

Paul Raftery, Ph.D., is a Research Specialist in the Center for the Built Environment at UC Berkeley. He is working on developing ways to improve the energy efficiency of buildings by investigating advanced integrated HVAC systems.

He obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland and worked as a Facilities Engineer for a biomedical device manufacturing company in areas such as clean room conditioning, energy auditing, and precision gas mixing systems. Following this he was awarded the Embark Scholarship by the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology (IRCSET) to pursue a PhD with the IRUSE research group at the National University of Ireland, Galway. He obtained the Fulbright Award in 2008 which funded a research position at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. While there he developed a new method for calibrating building energy models to detailed hourly measured data. He successfully demonstrated this on a building at the Intel manufacturing campus in Dublin, Ireland and was awarded a PhD in Engineering based on this research.

Afterwards, he worked as a senior research engineer at the IRUSE group working on the I2E2 project to develop an automated fault detection and diagnosis tool for large industrial air handling units. The solution won the ICT Invention of the Year award. He was a founding member of IBPSA-Ireland and is an active member of IBPSA-World.

Contact Information

Paul Raftery
Research Specialist

Center for the Built Environment (CBE)
University of California, Berkeley
390 Wurster Hall #1839
Berkeley, CA 94720-1839
Phone: (510) 643-6915
Skype: praftery