Research Area :

Research on Human Interactions

Contributing to the next generation of high-performance building control systems.

New information technologies provide ways to optimize the performance of building systems. We are investigating applications for sensing and control of buildings using wireless communications technology, micro-electromechancial systems (MEMS), and Web-enabled software.  The cost of installing wiring for controls and sensors in buildings may represent 50%-90% of the installed cost. With wireless and MEMS technologies we can greatly reduce this cost, enable energy savings, and improve the control of the indoor environment.

Human Interactions Research Topics

CBE projects related to control and IT systems include:

Building test equipment

CBE staff are developing and testing new building control systems and devices.

CFD model of UFAD plenum

Early prototype for demand response control interface.

CBE's UFAD Technology Website

Full-scale mockup of demand response prototype in CBE's building science lab.