global ecology

Award Winner 2007

Carnegie Institution of Washington, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

The Global Ecology Research Center contains laboratories and office space to support research on the interactions between earth’s ecosystems, land, atmosphere and oceans. The building design focuses on addressing global climate change, biodiversity, and water quality/conservation, as these were identified by the client as today’s most pressing environmental concerns.

A “night sky” radiant cooling system is one component of a low-energy design that has cut carbon emissions from building operations by 72 percent. In the system, water sprayed on the roof radiates heat to the night sky. The cooled water is stored overnight and supplied the following day at only .04 kW/ton. Biodiversity concerns are addressed by conserving habitat through appropriate materials selections. Salvaged wood is sourced from the wine vats of a decommissioned vineyard and old doors. Water use is reduced by one third through several methods. Most notable of these measures are bioswales located along three sides of the building

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Survey Results

Compared to all buildings surveyed by CBE to date, the Global Ecology Research Center is in the 99th percentile for general building satisfaction. Occupants gave it very high marks for thermal comfort, placing it in the 98th percentile. A highly impressive 83 percent of occupants report being satisfied in this important area.

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Project Comments

“Such good scores. From an engineering and building science perspective, this is a fascinating project. I will have to visit it.”

“The building couples passive systems of environmental control to a laboratory building program - not an easy or obvious solution. In addition, the building does all of the above with strong massing, a clear spatial layout, and an attention to detail, creating a building that makes the expression of a sustainable ethic clear, but not overwhelming. Job well done.”

2007 Honorable Mentions

  • Donald Bren Hall

    University of California, Santa Barbara

    Bren Hall has since won numerous awards, including the LEED Platinum certification and recognition as the greenest laboratory building in the United States. The building’s narrow profile provides occupants with ample daylighting and through ventilation.

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    Project Team

    • Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects, Architect
    • Flack + Kurtz, Mechanical Engineer
    • KPFF Consulting Engineers, Structural Engineer
    • Penfield & Smith, Civil Engineer
  • The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation Building

    Menlo Park, CA

    This foundation headquarters employs multiple innovative strategies inlcuding mixed-mode ventilation and permeable paving materials.

    See occupant survey results

    Project Team

    • B.H. Bocook Architects, Inc., Architect
    • Hawley Peterson & Snyder Architects, Interior Design
    • C&B Consulting Engineers, Critchfield Mechanical, Inc., Mechanical Engineer
    • The Engineering Enterprise, Electrical Engineer
    • CTG Energetics, Commissioning Agent
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