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CBE is studying UFAD buildings in operation to help the building industry learn from the collective experiences of these projects. This research provides information about UFAD building design, operation, and performance, and illustrates how designers have addressed design issues.

We are developing three levels of information about completed UFAD buildings. The three levels of study, in progressively increasing detail, include:

1. Project database Candidate study projects are identified and key information is added to our database. Individuals associated with each building are asked to fill out a web-based survey that covers key building characteristics. This database may be used to identify trends and characteristics of UFAD projects. In the future we expect to make the database available online to allow queries from interested parties using the CBE survey report generator.
See a draft of the UFAD project list (PDF, revised October 2007).

We also have created an interactive map of the UFAD buildings in North America that we have identified so far. We are interested in getting additional data on these buildings, so if you are familiar with a UFAD building and would like to contribute information towards this research, please provide your contact information on the UFAD data submission form so that we may contact you for more details.

2. Project profiles are developed via site visits and interviews with project designers, owners/developers, and facility managers. The project profiles document and characterize underfloor system design issues and solutions, describe the operation of the system, evaluate the overall performance, and list noteworthy attributes discovered during the studies. We have completed six project profiles that represent a variety of underfloor systems. We have posted project profiles on this website for the following buildings:

3. Detailed field studies are conducted on a few selected projects. The field studies focus in more detail on design and operation, costs, and evaluate performance from physical on-site measurements, implementation of occupant satisfaction surveys, and analysis of energy usage. Results from our Teledesic Broadband Center Field Study has been documented in a Summary Report (PDF 680K).

In addition, we are currently conducting an extensive comparison field study of two buildings in the Capitol Area East End Complex in Sacramento, CA. Details on this research.

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