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Case Studies for Commissioning Large Buildings: New York Times Building
January 22, 2008, 10:30am – 12pm, ASHRAE Winter Meeting, New York, NY

The panel presentation will be chaired by Fred Bauman, with three presenters::

Glenn Hughes, Director of Construction, The New York Times Company, “The New York Times Building: Commissioning Advanced Technologies”

--Tom Webster, Research Specialist, Center for the Building Environment, University of California, Berkeley, “Commissioning the Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) System in the New York Times Building”

--Eleanor Lee, Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, “Commissioning an Innovative Shading and Daylighting System in the New York Times Building”

Underfloor Air Distribution: Updated Guidelines and Lessons Learned" at the Engineering Green 07 Conference, December 17-18, Beaverton, OR

Development of a New Building Energy Simulation Program for UFAD Systems" ASHRAE Annual Meeting, June 24, 2007, Long Beach, CA

Fred Bauman presented: "Modeling Stratified Room Air Distribution Systems with Energy Simulation Tools.”

Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD): Energy Performance and Cost Effectiveness, Greenbuild 2007, Nov. 7-9, 2007, Chicago, IL.
Presented by Fred Bauman, Tom Webster, and Allan Daly of Taylor Engineering.

New Design and Operating Guidelines and Tools for UFAD Systems, March 1, 2006.
Fred Bauman participated in the HPAC Engineering Webcast Series with a presentation of “New Ventilation Design Guidance and Tools: Underfloor Air, Outside Air, and Software Tools.”  Go to webcast>>  (Registration required)

Designing Underfloor Air Distribution Systems

Jan. 21, 2006, Chicago, IL
Fred Bauman (CBE) and Allan Daly (Taylor Engineering) provided a Professional Development Seminar at the 2006 ASHRAE Winter Meeting

Underfloor Air Distribution System Workshop, Nov. 28 2005, Vancouver, BC
The Cascadia Region Green Building Council and ASHRAE co-sponsored this full day event, focused on the opportunities and challenges for successful UFAD systems.

Engineering Green Buildings Conference and Expo, Sept. 26-28, 2005, Chicago, IL
Fred Bauman provided a technical session on raised-floor system design and commissioning

UFAD Design and Engineering Workshops, September 7-8, 2005, Seattle, WA  and Portland, OR

In conjunction with USGBC Cascadia Chapter, BetterBricks and ASHRAE, Fred Bauman, PE, presented two full-day workshops on UFAD design and engineering.

Designing Underfloor Air Distribution Systems, June 25, 2005, Denver, CO
This ASHRAE Professional Development Seminar was presented by Fred Bauman and Allan Daly at the ASHRAE Annual Meeting.

Designing Underfloor Air Systems, March 3, 2005, San Francisco, CA
Fred Bauman and Allan Daly co-instructed an all-day workshop on Designing Underfloor Air Systems.

Design of Underfloor Displacement Ventilation, February 7 2005, Orlando FL.
Fred Bauman presented the ASHRAE Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) Design Guide in a session on "Design of Underfloor Displacement Ventilation."

World Energy Engineering Congress, High Performance Facilities September 21-24, 2004, Austin, TX.
CBE Research Specialist Tom Webster, PE, gave a presentation on recent research findings related to underfloor air distribution systems.

Engineering Green Buildings Conference July 20-23, Cleveland, OH
Fred Bauman presented a paper on “UFAD Systems,” and Steve Taylor presented “ASHRAE Standard 62.1.”

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), July 27, 2004, Sacramento, CA
Fred Bauman and Ken Mozek of York International conducted a seminar on UFAD Systems.

ASHRAE Annual Meeting, June 27, 2004, Nashville, TN
Fred Bauman chaired the forum: “What do you need to know about designing and operating stratified air distribution systems?” 

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