Modular Wiring
Most contemporary office buildings are equipped with a raised floor for the purpose of routing voice, power and data cabling to each workspace.  By integrating an UFAD system within the plenum created by a raised floor, an integrated services-distribution zone, or technology platform, is created which, in contrast to ceiling-based HVAC, reduces the costs of installing two separate systems of ducting and cabling, one overhead (air) and one underfloor (voice, power and data).

Underfloor modular cabling easily facilitates technology upgrades, equipment expansion, changes in office layout and maintenance work as access floor panels can be simply removed, replaced or changed by in-house personnel.  The quick access to cabling and flexibility of routing options reduces restrictions typically encountered with ceiling-based systems.  These include limited scope for alternative space planning or expansions in equipment loading due to the location of HVAC, power and telecommunications inlets/outlets. 

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