This spring, CBE welcomes a global HVAC manufacturer as one of its newest industry members. Having yet to fully establish themselves in North America, you could be forgiven for not recognizing the Daikin brand. However, with annual sales of over 17 billion dollars, Daikin is indeed a global leader in air conditioning equipment.

Rob Prickett, Product Design Lead with Daikin U.S., explains that the company‘s decision to join the Center for the Built Environment (CBE) came easily after recognizing the alignment of CBE’s mission with their own research and development goals. Since establishing their ‘Fusion 20‘ plan in 2014, they’ve worked to reduce the environmental impact of their products, while creating new value focused on making people and the indoor environment healthier and more comfortable.

Per Fusion 20, Daikin also authored their Environment Action Plan, centered on sustainability, energy usage reduction, and indoor environmental quality. Accordingly, Daikin has invested in improving the mechanical efficiency of air conditioning, energy recovery, water heating, and refrigeration equipment, while also pioneering high-efficiency refrigerants with low global warming potential. Meanwhile, their filtration and air equipment divisions are working to introduce new products and features that guarantee good air quality in any building. Active participation in CBE is just one more way they’re looking to further reduce environmental impact and improve occupant health.

To achieve even greater improvement, Daikin is also looking beyond mechanical solutions, aggressively pursuing integration of emerging technologies and trends such as industrial IoT and artificial intelligence. When paired with equipment connected to the cloud, for example, with Daikin’s ‘Intelligent Equipment’ line of commercial air handlers and chillers, they see AI integrations as key to achieving dramatic improvements in efficiency and cost savings for their customers. Daikin also intends to be a major contributor in the effort of raising energy efficiency at a global scale, shifting their focus from individual customers to the sum of their products deployed in mass. As things progress in this direction, Daikin is aiming to position itself as a leading IEQ service provider as much as they’re already the leader in equipment.

While Daikin has many offices across the globe dedicated to advancing their HVAC equipment, controls, refrigeration chemicals, and more, their Santa Clara, CA, group is focusing primarily on emerging technology and product/service innovation. As Daikin’s involvement in the San Francisco Bay Area ramps up, this office will act as the conduit between partners like CBE and Daikin’s numerous business units.

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