CBE’s research mission is supported largely by a talented group of graduate students and visiting student scholars from abroad. This spring, several student team members received merit-based scholarships that will support their studies and participation at professional conferences. CBE Director Edward Arens notes that these awards are an important acknowledgement of the ongoing and future contributions of these students. “By working on CBE research, these students gain important training, and work on issues of key importance to industry leaders. These are the future leaders who will continue the important work of transforming the built environment,” he notes.

ASHRAE Scholarships

Several scholarships were recently announced at the Golden Gate Chapter meeting this past May. These awards include a Golden Gate Scholarship award for MS student Dana Miller, and Eric Thor Andresen Memorial Scholarships awarded to PhD students Carlos Duarte and Won Hee Ko, MS student Megan Dawe, and visiting scholars Wenhua Chen and Yindong He.

The work of these students represents a wide range of CBE research. Dana Miller is supporting CBE research focusing on radiant systems and ceiling fans. Carlos Duarte’s work focuses on energy simulations of radiant systems, and he recently presented to CBE industry members a feasibility study for radiant cooling in California climates. Won Hee Ko is developing new design methods in order to evaluate thermal, daylight and ventilation autonomy in an integrated manner, work that she also has presented to CBE members. Megan Dawe will be conducting a ‘deep dive’ to explore best practices and lessons learned from commercial buildings with radiant systems. Wenhua Chen and Yindong He, both PhD candidates from China, are supporting core CBE research topics including comfort with ceiling fans and in automobile cabins.

Data Science for 21st Century Fellowship

PhD student Arfa Aijazi received a fellowship with the Data Science for 21st Century program for the 2019-20 academic year. This two-year traineeship program, sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), creates diverse student cohorts with complementary skills and experience who pursue interdisciplinary research addressing, bringing together human-natural systems with a strong quantitative, data science component. Arfa has been studying the implications of climate change on the accuracy of building energy simulations, in collaboration with CBE partner ARUP, work that she presented at CBE’s April 2018 meeting.

Linda Latham Scholarship

Finally, Arfa Aijazi and MS student Elaina Present received Linda Latham Scholarships to attend the ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings in August. The scholarship fund reflects ACEEE’s belief that students will bring talent and creativity to the field of energy efficiency, and that we need to provide a venue to inspire and educate them. At last April’s CBE meeting, Elaina Present gave a talk about her recent findings from field studies and practitioner interviews related to design with ceiling fans.

Student awardees in image above: Wenhua Chen, Yindong He and Dana Miller (back row) and Megan Dawe, Carlos Duarte and Won Hee Ko (front row) . Additional awardees include Arfa Aijazi and Elaina Present.

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