Wells Fargo, a company known for their leadership in the financial services industry, is the latest company to join CBE’s industry consortium. Their focus on sustainability has been a priority for over 10 years. They built their first LEED certified branch in 2008, and include LEED certification as a basic standard for all new builds, major renovations, and space acquisitions. However, LEED is not the only thing they are focused on; they have committed to an ambitious set of operational goals to be achieved by the year 2020:

  • 45% greenhouse gas emissions reduction from 2008 baseline
  • 40% energy use reduction from 2008 baseline
  • 100% renewable-powered operations
  • 65% water use reduction from 2008 baseline
  • 50% total waste stream reduction from 2010 baseline
  • 35% LEED certified square footage

Wells Fargo is approaching these goals in a number of ways, thinking through both innovative solutions as well as tried and true methods. For example, to improve energy efficiency, Wells Fargo has been methodically transitioning to LED lights across their footprint. In fact, they will be transitioning all exterior lights to LEDs across 500 branches by the end of the year.

They have a similar approach with water efficiency. Since 2012, they have installed over 2,400 smart irrigation systems and are now targeting additional water savings through flow meter installations. This pragmatic approach has served them well, resulting in cumulative water savings of well over one billion gallons and an annual energy savings of over 10,000,000 kWh.

In the innovative space, they are partnering with selected applicants from the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator to help test unique technologies focused on reducing the energy impact of commercial buildings. Through this partnership, Wells Fargo has the ability to leverage cutting-edge technology while also supporting entrepreneurs to help them get their ideas out of labs and into the marketplace.

Wells Fargo states that the company looks forward to working with CBE to learn more about additional ways to build and maintain sustainable buildings, and to take their property standards to the next level.

Featured image courtesy of Wells Fargo.

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