Research Area :

Research on Building HVAC Systems

Working with design teams, owners and maufacturers to evaluate new design strategies and technologies.

New HVAC technologies provide opportunities for energy savings and benefits to occupants. Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) technology has experienced rapid adoption due to the number of potential benefits it offers over conventional ceiling-based air distribution. CBE has become the leader in UFAD research, and is conducting a number of projects on this new technology. We have are also investigating buildings that use mixed-mode ventilation strategies, and radiant cooling systems. (See envelope research for mixed mode research).

HVAC Research Topics

CBE projects related to building HVAC systems include:

Radiant cooling diagram

In 2005 CBE initiated a new research effort focused on radiant systems .

CFD model of UFAD plenum

Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) model used to study performance of UFAD plenums.

CBE's UFAD Technology Website

CBE's UFAD research effort includes tool development and technology transfer.