Research Area :

Research on Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

Developing new methods to "take the pulse" of buildings in operation.

CBE has developed methods to measure the performance of occupied buildings in terms of occupant comfort and productivity, energy efficiency, and operations. For example, CBE's Web-based Occupant IEQ Survey quantifies how a building is performing from the perspective of its occupants. This provides immediate feedback for building owners and operators, and assists architects, engineers, and builders in the development of future buildings. We have used this tool for studies of LEED-rated and other green buildings, thermal comfort, acoustical quality, and other research topics.

IEQ Research Topics

CBE projects related to IEQ in buildings include:

CBE UFAD Test Facility

CBE conducted occupant surveys to evaluate the design of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation headquarters.

CBE UFAD Test Floor

CBE's Occupant IEQ Survey has been customized to serve numerous research projects.

CFD Model of UFAD Plenum

The Advanced Thermal Comfort Model is a highly developed tool used in IEQ research.