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The setup process is simple. Simply use the button below to provide some basic information and to make a payment. Credit card is preferred but EFT or wire transfer are accepted. (CBE Partners also use this form to setup your complimentary surveys). We recommend implementing the survey at least six months after occupants have moved in (and twelve months is better).

For details about fees please see this PDF of occupant survey costs and options.

Fill out this form and submit payment

We will respond to you within a day or two after you complete the form and provide payment.

The Survey Process


Step One: Identify building and goals.


Step Two: Setup by providing building information.


Step Three: Send link to occupants and collect data.


Step Four: Analyze the results.


Step Five: Inform your decisions and apply results.


Step Six: Communicate results and insights.

Getting Certified

CBE’s Occupant Survey may be used for certification with under USGBC’s LEED Rating System and the WELL Building Standard, and we provide additional information on WELL survey support.

“The CBE survey tool is a low-cost resource that can be administered quickly, and such empirical evidence from a reliable third party such as the University of California, Berkeley, provides a high level of credibility.”

Deepika Khowal

Customer Success Manager | Sustainability Solutions, View Dynamic Glass

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