WELL Support

The CBE Occupant Survey has been approved by IWBI as a third-party survey provider, with a questionnaire and a refined report that that contributes to WELL Building Standard v2 2023 survey requirements, feature C04, a WELL precondition. The WELL version of the CBE survey does not allow for customization.

The survey also contributes to part one of the enhanced survey requirements, feature C05, including modules on office amenities, water, nutrition, wellness programs, health, physical activity and workplace performance. Please note that C05 requires post-survey actions to be taken by your organization, and follow up surveys be administered annually.

CBE’s survey resources can also support the WELL Equity Rating, which has somewhat different feature designations than WELL v2. Under this system, EE3 is equivalent to the v2 feature C04 for a standard survey, and EE4 is equivalent to v2 C05 for the enhanced survey. We are working on an additional module that will support some parts of the feature EE7, development of a stress management plan.


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