Survey FAQs

New survey users often have questions. Below we answer some common ones.

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Can the CBE survey be used to achieve building certification?

Yes, this survey has been used with certification systems that require occupant surveys, for example LEED, WELL and GreenMark.

Does this survey support the WELL Building Standard?

CBE has a tailored version that supports WELL features C04 and CO5. Please read more about this here.

Can additional questions be added to a survey?

The survey was designed to cover the key concerns of post-occupancy evaluation. In most cases, the standard set of questions are sufficient. However, survey users can add up to four custom satisfaction questions to assess particular elements of your building or workspace. We also offer modules (additional cost), which are sets of questions we have developed around specific topics.” We provide this list of modules we offer.

What forms of payment may be used?

We prefer payment by credit card, as that is the fastest way get a survey project started. Alternately, CBE can provide an invoice to receive your payment by EFT or wire transfer, but these payment types will incur an additional processing fee. The buttons on this page direct you to the forms for both of those payment methods.

Can the survey be implemented in a language other than English?

We have recently updated our standard survey to make it more relevant and streamlined. It is currently in English only, but we may consider adding translations over time.

Can a student or faculty researcher use the survey for a thesis, dissertation or other research project? Or for educational purposes?

We do not offer use of our survey outside of the CBE survey services. However, if you are a student or academic researcher, we offer a discount for use of our tool. Please email us for more details.

Can the survey questions be used for other purposes, such my own survey?

Replication in part or whole of our survey questions or benchmarking metrics is not permitted under University of California Regents copyright of our materials.

Can the survey questions be edited for specific projects?

We can customize some questions for each project to best fit each building. However, we are selective in which questions get adjusted in order to maintain the reliability and validity of the tool and the benchmarking data set, which ensures your results are comparable to our database for benchmarking and that you are using the best tool possible.

I am a CBE industry partner. How do I start a survey?

Each partner, or partner team, may use up to four surveys per calendar year free of charge as one of the benefits of membership. Small business partners may use up to two surveys per calendar year. (These are for industry partners only and are non-transferable.). The buttons on this page direct you to the form to sign up for your survey.

Can I see a copy of the survey questions?

We provide the questionnaires on request to interested parties for the Office, Schools and WELL surveys.

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